Grobo 2 owners

I have a Grobo 1 and 2 and I see some topics with Grobo 2 problems and people should make sure to put in an “official support ticket”. OK to post here, but you need to contact support too.

Many of the problems, at least for me, they have fixed. You need to contact them and they can get yours going too.

A couple problems were “me” and my wifi not being good, also might have had the drain hose low in a bucket and possibly causing a vacuum or some kind of issue. I added a $20 wifi repeater, put the drain hose higher up and that helped.


So contact support directly if you haven’t. :grinning:

I haven’t put in a ticket yet as I am waiting to see if anymore problems arise today. Won’t be seen till tomorrow anyway.

I did the same. I saw that you recommended putting the hoses in a bucket to protect from spills and the same thing started to happen to us. The bucket started filling back up. Only a couple cups or so before I thought THAT may be the reason so I put it back up as high as it would go on the machine and it has been fine. Still checking on it often to make sure no water comes out.

My biggest problem now are just dealing with all the hoses and getting my lid to lay flat. It’s struggle to say the least.

Also, in another post about the drain and fill hoses coming out of the back you mentioned just keeping them on the inside and doing your drain and fills from the inside front like we do with the Grobo 1. Can you explain/show me how to do just that as I can’t seem to figure out what you were talking about.


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The lid doesn’t really sit flat because of the hoses and plastic water sensor cover but I don’t think it matters if it’s level.

In the Grobo 1, the hoses are just attached inside with that same magnetic piece. So instead of running the hoses out the back, keep them inside and attach to the inside side wall same as Grobo 1. Then just open the door and drain out the front, same as Grobo 1. You will have to fool with it some or maybe put a slot in the plastic lid so the hoses can go up instead of back or somehting like that. I need to look at it more.

The lid in Grobo 2 is a little different fit and you might have to use your fingers to push down on all the sides to make sure it goes on. It is a little harder to set right compared to Grobo 1.

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Fingers crossed, my first grow in Grobo 2 is still going, no draining by itself and seems to be working normally.