Green Crack Humboldt Seed

Any particular recipe to follow for this one.??

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If the exact recipe isn’t listed, then you should most definitely pick a generic recipe, specifically one for 101 days and not the 71 days (Autoflower)

Looks like Green Crack is a 60/40 mix, so I’d say Generic Hybrid … No generic recipe will harm your plant it’s more of a baseline for safety and more neutral


Yup. Just like @pyromancy said. I just finished my last grow using a generic recipe… You can also submit a recipe request also. I included the link but it will take 6 months or so before it gets loaded. I bought 3 seeds of the same strain so I did my 1st with the generic and submitted a request so that way when I go back to it, there is a specific recipe for my other two seeds. It will be interesting to see if there is much of a difference :thinking:. But again, I personally had no issues with the generic recipe