Granddaddy Purple (Fem) ILGM - Grow Numero Uno

Hey folks, I’m at transition day 6/14. I checked on my roots real quick this morning…everything look normal here? The root color and texture is bugging me! Then again, this is my first grow so what do I know :flushed: … my plant looks healthy (to me) and I’ve been adding 10-15 ml of hydroguard every drain and fill for the past month at least. My reservoir temp stays consistently around 68 during the day. Does this look like the beginning root rot or just staining from nutrients?

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Did a little trimming today to open up some light.



Noticed today she was touching the light… top of the plant was burnt pretty bad. I did what I could to get her away from the light, there were a few leaf casualties in the process. At day 15/41 of flower, it’s a bit discouraging to see her out growing the box, next grow I’ll start training earlier. We’ll see how she does! Buds look good though!

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Here’s a comparison if anyone’s interested. The first shot is my 88 day old Granddaddy Purple from my Grobo (veg extended 2 weeks, topped), the second picture is a 53 day old Granddaddy Purple in my tent that I did not top, and the third picture is my 65 day old Granddaddy Purple that was topped. The two in the tent went on the 12/12 schedule at the same time, even though one is a couple of weeks younger. The youngest GPD that was not topped is my tallest plant by far, it’s at least 8 inches taller than the one in the tent that I did top and had more time to veg. It’s also taller than my Girl Scout Cookies Extreme that was planted on the same day as the oldest GDP. These were all from the same pack of feminized photo seeds from ILGM.

Here’s a height comparison (look at the pots at the bottom.) Left to right is: 65 Day Old GDP (topped), 65 Day Old GSC Extreme (topped), 53 day old GDP (not topped, 2 weeks less veg time)

Shot of the canopy. The tent grow sure looks more neat and organized than the Grobo! (My wife calls it a fishbowl, but she’s a hater!) I’m anxious too try them all out and see the difference!


She’s getting real frosty


I made the decision tonight to move the Grobo out of the hot basement and into my bedroom with the drying tent. Been struggling with 85+ degree temps and water reservoir temps averaging 76-77. Fortunately, this plant has been a champ and seems healthier and more green than the ones grown in the tent, and much frostier. It has been a slow grower though, mainly due to the heat. I’ve extended flower twice and almost extended it again. Another issue is our air conditioning went out in our home, which we need to get fixed but have been putting off since there’s weed growing in the basement. It’s a legal grow, just don’t want the attention. Window units work for now but we move tripped the breaker a couple times.

This morning I noticed the temp inside the box was 87 and decided I was going to just cut it despite still seeing a fair amount of clear trichomes. I’m on day 8/10 of flush, and it was water change day. After draining the water I decided to move it up to the bedroom where there’s a window unit keeping the room around 72 and humidity is 50-60%. If I fucked it up, was just going to harvest. Moved it upstairs after draining with no issues. Trichomes finally look like they’re about done. I think in two days when I get to day 10/10 of flush I’m going to cut it.

This granddaddy purple will be flowering for nearly 11 weeks (transition included) once the flush cycle completes. My other two GDP’s in my tent were harvested at 9 weeks. I’m excited to see if there’s much of a difference between:

Granddaddy Purple - Grobo flowered for 11 weeks, topped.

Granddaddy Purple - Tent, flowered 9 weeks, not topped


Granddaddy Purple - Tent, 9 weeks, topped, 36 hours of darkness before harvest (only one to do this).

You’ll get the smoke report after all 4 of the plants part of my Grobo/Tent Combo First Grows have cured for a few weeks.

I have a moisture meter on the way (the kind you use to test drywall for mold, they have two prongs on them) to test for optimum time to jar the buds up. Also have Ball Wide Mouth Amber 32oz jars coming with some extra boveda packs.

Ready to start my next Grobo grow as soon everything’s dry. I’m going to use the Grobo to dry rather than my drying tent. My next tent grow will be delayed until I figure a few things out. I should have enough weed to last me for a little bit so I have some time to plan.


56 grams of frosty buds is the dry weight! They are noticeably more frosty than my two tent GDP’s. They flowered more weeks and dried longer. Loving my tent GDP’s and eager to try these in a couple weeks!

Very happy with my final out come between my tent grow and grobo. Over 300 grams plus a few ounces of trim/fluff which will be made into concentrates.


Grobo coming in as the clear winner between the tent grow and the Grobo