Granddaddy Purp 1st Grow

So we successfully germinated and she is now in her new home.

This is my first time attempting this and feel so good! Feels like I just planted a baby! :joy: I’m gonna treat as such so she yields some Good Good!!

Any info on what I should expect and when or how often I should check her? Like will the app tell me these things? How often or will I even be alerted?
So many questions!!



Thanks for all the help!!

I tried pushing th coco pod as far down as possible to make it flush but I felt like too much force would have broken it… it’s about 1/8 inch above being totally flat.
Should I see if it’s touching water?
Should it be touching water?

Thank you again!!


Hey @CannabisJAC,

Welcome! Nice to see your 1st seed popped, tons of great info to read here and some awesome peeps to help out.

Your cocopod should not be in the water at any time. It should be just above the water level and getting wet from the bubbles your air pump/air stone provide. Germination is a real Goldilocks situation. Not too wet, not too dry…



Hey @Stephen ,

I checked her out and she seems to be getting tje water from the bubbler like you said. She doesn’t seem to be directly in the water.

Will I be told when to check up on her? Is there some sort of schedule I can follow?

Stephen I appreciate your time!
Thank you so much for the assistance!!

The journey continues!


Yes! All directions will come to you weekly! The notifications will tell you exactly what to do.

As far as the schedule, you can go into the app, then Maintenance, then Shift Schedule. This will show you exactly where you are at in the stages and what’s to come! There’s also the capability to manually make adjustments to the schedule, but that is the next stage up from a beginner. If you are not a beginner grower then you will know exactly what to do on this screen and when! :slight_smile:


Wazup Growers,

I got a notice from the Grobo app. Just saying the process that the seed should be taking… it also says to look out for a small plant soon…

Took a look inside the Grobo and when I looked at it the coco pod looked a bit on the dry side… to me that doesn’t seem right.
I picked up the coco pod tray to see if the bubbler is working and it is. Only thing is that the coco pod underneath looks a bit on the dry side too!

Not sure what I should do if anything. Not sure if it’s on track or not…

Took a pic to share…

Thanks growers!!!


Please submit a ticket…
Submit a request – Grobo Help Center
In the meantime please trace your air pump hose and make sure there are no kinks.
Take a spray bottle and fill with distilled or RO water and mist your coco pod.
Also pull the air pump hose from the air stone and see how much air is coming out.
From your pic it doesn’t seem to be bubbling enough waters are too still.


@Bplatinum9 ,

Once again thank you!

I am going to do exactly what you are suggesting! I’ve also entered my ticket already!

Why do the Grobo’s have such an issue with their air pumps and or air stones?

Going to follow your steps… I will follow up later!

@Bplatinum9 seriously… thank you!!!


Anytime! New company always needs time to work out the kinks and upgrade accordingly but you’ll see how support works with you, it will be rectified!



So I’ve gone and checked the Grobo…
I lifted the coco pod holder to check the air stone… seems to be pushing air fine…
what I did notice was that it was in a corner and the bubbles were facing the corner too…
I moved it to the middle facing up and the bubbles got better…

Coco pod wasn’t dry. It was semi moist.
I spritzed her like you suggested…

I will check on her later on in the day to see if the bubbles are doing their job!

Once again… thank you @Bplatinum9




So… I’ve followed some troubleshooting that was given by Grobo Support. I don’t think there is currently an issue with the air pump or air stone.
I think that the air stone was just wedged in a corner facing the inner wall instead of the middle of the bottom.
After I moved the air stone I stepped away for a while to see if there would be a difference. When I checked it looked like the bottom of the coco pod was now receiving the water via the air stone…

I took a pic. Let me knw! I mean what do I knw… I could be totally wrong! :man_shrugging:

Thanks again fellow growers!!!


Much better! Maybe move it dead center, the left side is a little still yet.
More like this…


I will do exactly that!!

Hoping I’m doing right by her!

Thanks for sharing your pic! @Bplatinum9

The journey could continues…


Your welcome and she will make it! Keep me posted I’ll be watching! :eyes::seedling:


Just checked to see how my little girl is… I took a pic… I knw nothing but to me it looks like she’s starting to make her way to the light…

Gotta zoom in to see her…


You can take the coco top off now, snap another pic incase the seed hat is stuck. Congrats!

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Uh oh… let’s see if I understand…

So remove the little coco cover on the seed to make sure the seed hat isn’t stuck… :thinking:

I will get on it right after my meeting!

Pics to come…

@Bplatinum9 You help me so much! :pray:t2: I may have to share my yields with you!! :wink::call_me_hand:

Forever thank you!!



Here we go… I’m sort of afraid to touch her… I moved the top of the coco over to sort of get a better look.
Doesn’t seem like she’s stuck but what do I knw!

Here’s another pic taken much closer…