Got my Grobo! Nothing else yet :(

Hi Guys,
Curious on when I can expect my nutrients, coco, etc. Received my unit on Monday but nothing else. Any idea on when the other things ship? Thanks!

All of that should be inside the box. ???

Nope, just the grobo and the power supply. Card inside said they ship it separately

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You in canada? Canada post still on strike?
Hopefully only a few more days for ya.

What are you growing first?

Nope, I’m the US. Got some blueberry auto seeds ready for my first grow

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Weird. Yea. It all came together for me. And well… everyone else. Maybe someone forgot to slap them into the box.

I just ordered a new coco pod and a hanging rack and it got snubbed by customs. Customs seems to be giving Grobo a hard time about their accessories for some reason which is why I’m guessing they’re sending them seperately- so that worst case it’s 10$ sitting in a customs lockup instead of $1000+… even though there’s technically nothing wrong with that stuff, customs listed it as “paraphernalia”

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Have you tried to ask in a ticket, to find out more info on your order delay?.. :thinking:

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Hello! We have made some tweaks to our shipping process, @Mike80 if you send an e-mail to with your order number/email address I can look into your case further.

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The exact same thing has happened to me! I got my machine, but no nutrients. So the machine sits useless.

I sent in a support ticket—Grobo said it would look into it—but no info on when nutrients would ship as yet.

Perhaps Grobo should give us the formula for the nutrients so we could actually use the machines paid for—

@urbanfarmer We apologize for this delay. We are transitioning towards shipping all Grobos and consumables from the US. Your Grobo is one of the last ones to ship directly from our manufacturing facility while your consumables ship from our fulfillment center.

This will be improved moving forward, however what matters for you is that your grow kit is expected to ship early this week. As soon as it ships, you will receive a tracking number!


Thank you for the reply.

I look forward to receiving the nutrients early this week!


Received my supplies today.

Grow started!



Woot woot
Congrats @urbanfarmer

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