Going away the last week of my grow!

Im on day 47 of my Northern Lights hybrid grow, Ive topped, SCOG, LST and Lollipopped. Its growing well and in the second week of flower. I have a concern. My grow has 62 days left of growing to do based on the recipe but I will be away the last week or close to that of flowering. I am concerned as the plant is drinking a lot of water and the reservoir needs to be topped up every two or three days through the fill function between reservoir changes. Do I cut her down before I go and risk harvest too early or take my chances while away the she dries out and dies!!!??


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Read @Stephen’s post:


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Yes will certainly do that. Is there any way you guys can upgrade the sensors to send a message when the water needs topping up? And shouldn’t the machine be taught to dose with the appropriate nutrients without a full drain and fill? The sensors should do that for this to be a truly easy process.

I don’t think my plant is actually getting the nutrients it needs with all this topping up, as its drinking so much!!!

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It doses the proper amount every week. Too much nutes aren’t a good thing. And you need to do the drain and fill every week to get fresh water and fresh nutes in there. I’m sure the water gets almost stagnant after a while, which wouldn’t be good for root health. I’m no @Stephen lol… but that’s what I would assume.

As for the sensors there are some in the back side of the water tank that when it gets too low it will notify you I’m pretty sure, never had the issue though.

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