Glitch with Light Spectrum?

Hi everyone! I’m working on my first 2 grows and noticed something with the Grobo LED color spectrum.

The plant is in Flower stage and when I complete a drain/fill there is way more “red” in the light being produced. I know the light shows more red color in flower. See pic below

Once I press the Grobo button or open the door the light color spectrum returns to a blurple. It doesn’t seem to return to the more “red” colored light. Is this normal? Is there any way to trick out the machine to produce the more red light?


Which IP camera is that? Do you notice a difference with your eyes too, or just in pics?

One of my phone cameras likes to make everything look a little red/orange when I take pics from inside the grobo, but when the camera is outside of the grobo the color is correct.

I’d wager it could be the white balancing on the IP camera getting a little confused, with the LED banding (the lines in 2nd pic) playing some role in that.

Interesting find nonetheless!

It’s a WYZE 1080p camera. I do notice the color difference with my natural eyes as well when the door is open. I used to leave the door open nearly all the time.

At first I thought it was the red color being shown immediately upon completion of a drain/fill. But then I noticed it was heavy red during times outside of a drain/fill. One constant though is whenever I push the Grobo button or open the door I lose the red light and it returns to a blurple.

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its normal. Mine due the same thing and on drain fill the lights go green. Hence why i only ever do drain , fills or any emergency work during “day time” hours, whatever that may be.

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I rarely ever actually fully click/lock my doors shut in case the power goes out and I need to get into the unit, or in case it’s lights out and I need to open the door (in which case I turn all the lights to room off and do so). If the door isn’t clicked shut then the button doesn’t need to be pressed and the light doesn’t come on.

One reason I’ve had to open it at night is when my cross-flow fan was making a horrible noise, I found a way to poke a pen cap into the fan to quiet the squeaking. That fix had to be re-applied a few times until I finally changed out the fan; but pressing the button at that time is not something we want to do (as it turns on the light). :slight_smile:

You might be able to keep it in that red mode by similarly not clicking the door shut, so you don’t have to press the button to open it. Or perhaps that’s what you meant here?

Though after the lights go off/on it’ll probably resume to the original setting.

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