So just wanted to show my Girl Scout cookies off and my other grobo grow which is gold leaf. So been growing for a year and I went threw MSNL seed bank and I’m convinced that my seeds were not good and lack of experience. So I have my Girl Scout cookies from ILGM and they are amazing! Good genetics I guess. Monday is when I lollipop which is 2 weeks in and I already have pistils showing. Never had that happen. 9 days in i noticed them. The stalk is thicker than any other I have done and it’s just so robust. So here are my pics. Plus I will always go through ILGM from now on!


All looking really good :+1:. If you haven’t I would do a health check on your probe just cause your in flower, I’d want it to be perfect for pH and nute absorption. I’m guessing if you haven’t that it might need a calibration.

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Thanks I’ll do that! I haven’t calibrated since I got it a year ago. So yeah I should do that. Say since I got you here got a quick question? Why are my buds on this plant look nice and orange lower than the ones that are higher and still all white pistils?


The buds themselves are just producing more and more calyxes so you’ll start to see them get a bit fatter and more white hairs will come through. Then they’ll turn brown and you might see more come through again a bit but that’s when you’ll use the jewelers loup or a microscope to check the trichs for ripeness.
Seeing some spotting on the leaves leads me to believe she’ll need a calibration. Then she’ll beef up even further hopefully :crossed_fingers::+1: