Girl Scout Fem Auto first grow ever!

Just wanted to put my first grow out there. Didn’t top or do any LST or HST. Just looked at the tricomes and we are still clear. 99 days in. Any advice?


From what I can see you look good, Do you have a full picture?


Sure. Here you go


Ya that’s look good! You might want to try and pull some of the top buds and leaves off the light if possible. I think in the first pic I can see signs of the start of light burn in a couple spots. The best way I have found to do this is with the magnetic hooks. Try finding the branch for the bud you want to move and hook it to the wall and pull it down. You might only get an inch or two but that will be all you need.

I had one do the same thing, he is a pic of it. The bud for this one is hooked on the opposite side, but you can see it helps pull them away from the light a little.

This my current grow and I really pulled this one down early to get that much of a bend in it. It has worked out really well.


Wow. Didn’t notice that. Thanks!! I’m ordering some hooks now. I’m 1 day from my 10 day flush. Do I need to extend til I see some amber in the tricomes? Really nervous about harvest. First time and all.


I would if it was mine, but it depends on what your looking for.

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That looks awesome :star_struck: