Girl Scout Day 71

Getting hydroguard today hopefully. What is the proper amount I should put in it. Also should I be trimming her a lil more or leave it as is thanks for looking. Feed back welcomed . Here are a few pics enjoy

Day 71 flower ( Day 19 / 43 )


The dosage recommended on bottle (for our size of reservoir) is about 5mL.

I personally used 10-15mL per fill, as I found the lower doses sometimes weren’t as effective.


:flushed: dam I need to pay a lil more attention I use about 5 n couple drops more and a lil manual poor during top offs I hope it works no issue for me yet my res is about 78 to 79 degrees sometimes.

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This is why I come here for advice.


Also, don’t add hydroguard until after you fill and the grobo has dispensed the nutes first. Wait about 30 min before adding to allow time for the nutes to mix with the water.


Does that make a difference? :hushed:

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Yes. I thought i saw detailed explanation on a post but I cant find it. I did find where @chris_barfield mentions it on one of @SWSVICs posts. Hydroguard goes last. I dont know the chemistry behind it, i just do what the pros tell me to do :man_shrugging::joy:


I’ve always just mixed when I drained n filled the unit mixed it in water n this my second grow so not shur on whats the right way to do it 1st grow was how’s it look and 2nd grow bubblegum for my second in this forum

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