Girl Scout Cookies Extreme - Newbie

1st time grower, long time lurker. On day 83 of my first grow with Girl Scout Cookies Extreme from ILGM. All in all, things have gone pretty well.

• Did not insert cocopod flush with lid. Did not seem to have negative impact, easy to fix.
• Complete buffoon on trimming. I notice a lot cleaner grows, and mine seems bushy underneath, think I could have pruned better. Lot’s to learn here, open to suggestions. Always afraid of harming the plant. Reading Nebula’s defoliation in flowering stage now.


  • This plant used all of the #3 and #4 nutrients, and most of #5. So far have used 1.25 bottles of 3 and 4.

• Thing grew well!
• I have well water (in the great white north with my own well, and amazing water) filtered through a Zero Water filter. Hardly used any PH fluids. May try not even filtering it next time, as this is basically earths water.

Changes I am going to make:
• Drill a small hole in the lid with a rubber cap on it for adding any nutes, hydroguard etc. You can easily do it when you change water, but this seems more precise.
• Likely swap out for a quieter bubbler. You get used to it, but still a hair loud.
• Add thumbscrews to the back for easier access.
• Looking into using some flowering nutes like….might still be able to use them in this grow. Bought some “Big Bud” and “Bloom Booster”.


Nice looking girl!