Girl Scout Cookies Extreme FEM?

I finally received these seeds from ILGM and just realized there’s no recipe on Grobo! Any suggestions? I waited so long!

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You can put in a request for a new recipe, however I am unsure how long it would take them to publish it.

Looking at the ILGM profile for your strain. You can use the Generic Indica recipe (not the auto recipe) to run your grow with some schedule extensions during late vegetative (your preference on how tall you want your plant before allowing it to stretch into flower) and possibly some extensions during late flower. This is what most of us AG growers do when recipes are not available.


Maybe I’ll wait until my auto seeds come in!? What do you think. This is my first grow, I don’t wanna mess it up.

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Generic Recipe will not hurt your plant at all. I think @Vicc is pretty spot on honestly, for them to add your recipe there’s gonna be a period of a month or two until it’s added.

If your auto strain is listed, then maybe you COULD wait for that, but I am using a Generic Hybrid Auto recipe right now and my plant is doing just fine.


If you are using a fem seed, do not use an Auto recipe

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Yeah, no lol I was just saying in reference to his auto seeds he has coming and my own plant since it’s an auto…

Definitely the Generic Indica for the GSC Extreme if it’s not listed, thanks @Vicc

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Thank you both!!!