Girl Scout Cookie v2 (auto ILGM) Born 07-09-2021

Good morning! So, after I killed GSC (auto ILGM) on day 82 (went on vacation and missed a water top off and a water change, so she was bone dry and died), I calibrated and cleaned my Grobo and popped GSC v2 (auto ILGM) in a shot glass of tap water for 2 days.

Now, she’s planted in the coco pod, and I am sure I will not be gone for an extended period of time during this grow (it’s not legal here, so I can’t ask my neighbor to come water my pot plant). I will also low stress train her right away because my other GSC was hitting the lights during the beginning of flowering and had not really stretched yet.

Wish me luck!!! :seedling::eyes::raised_hands:


You could probably raise the Relative Humidity of the room where your Grobo is location.
Weed likes
65-85 % during early stage like your plant right now
55-70 % during vegetative stage
40-50 % during flower stage



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Water change day for Girl Scout Cooke v2 (auto ILGM) born 07-09-2021! Yesterday was day 8/10 in germination.

She’s ALIVE!!! So far, so good! I will check on her again next week.


Well, it’s been awhile since I posted anything, but I did Girl Scout Cookie v2’s (ILGM auto) water change this morning and she is doing great! She is on day 36 (12/14 of transition). Her roots look good. I put 10ml of Hydroguard in the water. Controlling the temperature has been a bitch! It’s hot and humid here and my Grobo is in my garage, so I have 2 fans running on high, and I keep the screen door of the garage open as much as I can to help circulate the air in there. It’s hot, but GSC is doing okay with it. I will check on her again midweek and try to start low stress training her at the next water change. Her branches are not long enough to secure. I hope this finds you all doing well! Happy growing! :seedling::eyes::raised_hands:


Welcome :hugs: back an gd luck :four_leaf_clover: on this next one :point_up:t4: Wish u the best :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Really nice :+1:t2: so far by the way :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Yesterday was water change day! Girl Scout Cookie v.2 (auto ILGM) day 43 (5/40 flowering) is looking good!

Her roots look good!

I added 15 ml of Hydroguard and all the nutrients are moving appropriately. She’s doing great! Happy growing! :seedling::eyes:


Good morning! It’s water change day! Day 64 for Girl Scout Cookie (auto ILGM) on day 26/40 of flower phase.

So, I noticed today that bottle 3 is not moving! I mark the bottles with each water change, but the hose is free and clear and no kinks noted, so what’s up with that?

I added 15 ml of Hydroguard and removed some of the dried up leaves here and there. She’s starting to make pistils, but she’s nothing like my other grow Bruce Banner (auto ILGM) at this stage.

I guess it’s support ticket time for bottle 3. I’ve never had to put in a support ticket before. Have a great weekend! Happy growing! :seedling::eyes:


Well, it’s been awhile since I posted and Girl Scout Cookie v2 (auto ILGM), and I have had quite a time these past weeks! So, when I last left you, I noted she was not doing well and bottle 3 was not dispensing. She is receiving all of her nutrients again, and she took a turn for the better. She is way behind at this same point in time than Bruce Banner v2 (auto ILGM) was, which surprised me. But, she is now on day 101 and her pistils are finally forming! She’s about to outgrow the Grobo, so I have some of her stems pulled to the side to avoid hitting the light. I did a water change today, and gave her 15ml of Hydroguard. I’ve extended her flower phase several times since she’s really just flowering now! Fingers crossed she stays healthy and continues to grow nice buds! Happy growing! :seedling::eyes:

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Today is day 106 for Girl Scout Cookie (auto ILGM). She’s still flowering. I gave her 15 mL of Hydroguard today when I did her water change. I snapped one of the branches trying to move it, so I taped it. I doubt it will stay alive, but I had to try, ya know? More in a week! Happy growing! :seedling::eyes:

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Why is the forum app changing the orientation of my pictures?

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Day 114 for Girl Scout Cookie v2 (auto ILGM) was Saturday, and I changed her water. I added 15ml Hydroguard. She’s slowly flowering. I snapped a few pics of her trichomes to play with my microscope camera. She seems okay for now. I will check in again next week! Happy growing! :seedling::eyes:

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I swear the picture orientation is getting jacked up during upload. I am not able to fix it no matter what I try. What did Grobo do to this forum to mess up the uploads? Anyone have a fix? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Good morning! It is day 134 for Girl Scout Cookie v2 (auto from ILGM) and water change day. I have extended her flowering stage for a while because her trichomes are just not amber enough for my taste yet. We go week by week at this point. I added 15 ml of Hydroguard to her today and took some pictures. I’ll check her again for a potential change to the flush stage at next week’s water change. Happy growing!!! :wink:

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