Girl Scout Cookie (auto ILGM) Born 04-15-2021

Thanks :pray:t3: appreciate u I was told not to trim an auto from @Todd.grobo he said to LST it but mine was so bushy I had to knock out some of the biggest fan leaves :maple_leaf: an the one :point_up:t4: that got burnt :hot_face: during my water :droplet: change that went bad not to long ago but I will LST just been so busy but I will get to it but I’m on day 8 of flower :hibiscus: here is the latest shot :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Day 51 for Girl Scout Cookie (auto ILGM) day 27/28 transition under generic auto recipe. Water change day!

I added 15 ml Hydroguard. All bottles marked and are dispensing as expected.

She is almost 2 feet tall and pistils are starting to form.

I did a big trim because she was so bushy, a lot of her would never see light. I will let her recover this week and then start manipulating her branches to allow more room to stretch as she flowers. I will just let her go into the flower phase of the recipe and start extending it as needed. I will check on her next week! :seedling::eyes:


I think :thinking: u did a gd job if my plant :seedling: go thru all the stress she just went thru probably would of did the same :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


So, I forgot to post on June 10, 2021, which was day 57 (auto Girl Scout Cookie from ILGM) total grow but day 5/23 in flower phase. Water change day!

All of her bottles are dispensing as expected.

Her pistils are forming. She is getting tall. I added 15 ml of Hydroguard to the water. Her leaves are starting to get sticky. She is definitely healthy and did not mind the major trim the week prior. I am worried about how tall she is already…she will hit the top soon and she has a long way to go.

Happy growing! :wink:


Today is day 64 total grow of Girl Scout Cookie (auto ILGM) on day 12/23 of the flowering phase. I am a day late with my water change (supposed to be yesterday).

WOW! She is hitting the roof! I had to do a major trim to get rid of the BIG leaves, and now I am working with the stems to see if I can gently pull them towards the walls to buy myself more room for her to stretch. Her bottles are dispensing properly. I have two fans running now to help keep the temperature in a good range (she is in my garage and it is hot here during the summer). She is definitely growing more pistils, but she is also hitting the roof! I did not have this problem with my Bruce Banner v2 (auto ILGM) from my first grow, but that was during the winter months in my garage and I was constantly trying to keep Bruce warm, so maybe the cold stunted Bruce’s growth? Who knows, but this Girl Scout Cookie is literally growing like a “weed.”

I will check on her again next week! Happy growing! :wink:


Today is day 71 total grow of Girl Scout Cookie (auto ILGM) on day 19/23 of the flowering phase, but I extended it today so it’s 19/30. I am a day late with my water change (supposed to be yesterday).

So, she is making pistils all over (up and down each branch), which is good. She is hitting the top and I tried to use my magnetic wire drying racks to pull her tall stalks to the side, but they are not malleable enough to bend without breaking. Next grow, I will start the plant off with the LST. My first grow (Bruce Banner v2 auto ILGM) never grew much past the second fan and I yielded over 2 oz, so this one took me by surprise. :slight_smile:

Other than her growing like a “weed,” and drying out whatever is closest to the lights, she is doing great! Her leaves are starting to get sticky. I added 15 ml of Hydroguard to the water. All the bottles are dispensing properly and bottle 4 is low, so I added some of my previous grow’s bottle 4 to it. I’ll replace it with a fresh bottle once it is used up. I will check on her again next week. :seedling::eyes::raised_hands:


I AM DEVASTATED!!! I did a water change the day before I left on vacation (day 71 post) for 10 days, and I missed a “she’s thirsty” top off and a water change during my trip. I live in a state where it’s not legal, so it’s not like I can ask someone to “please go to my house and water my pot plant.” I operate from a “no tell, no sell, no smell” policy. What a HUGE mistake! I came home and immediately did a water change…she was bone DRY! Water tank was damn near empty! That was day 82 for Girl Scout Cookie (auto ILGM in day 30/30 flowering phase). Here are the pics from that day:

I was hoping I could save some of her. I was dead wrong. I woke up the next day to this:

I feel terrible! I killed her 82 days into her grow, and I thought keeping her from burning at the top would be my biggest issue. I fucked this one up royally! Note to self… Think ahead for the next several months of any major trips you may have before you start to grow! Especially when you’re in a situation like mine and cannot get help to take care of your plant while you’re gone.

I took her down today and cleaned out the Grobo. By the way, her stalk was strong as hell post dampening off early in her grow. I used a drinking straw to support her while she healed. Her roots were more yellow than my Bruce Banner was from my last grow at this stage.

I started to germinate another GSC (auto ILGM) and start a new thread once I plant her. I know I do not have any long trips planned where I will neglect critical water top-offs or changes again. Ugh. I feel so disappointed. :cry::pensive::frowning::disappointed::seedling::-1:


:pray:t3: My heart :heart: Goes out to u that is tough :+1:t2::dash::seedling: