Germination Time

Hi all :wink:

Whats the average time does it take to sprout :thinking:??

I’m on day 7/10 & there’s no show of any plant or root or am I just trying too hard & worrying about nothing & just need to wait…& Chill :flushed:!:wink:!

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I’m assuming you pulled the piece of cocopod out and took a look in there? My first seed I thought it was a dud, took tweezers and picked it up and then saw a white root coming out… put it back…

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I wouldn’t pull the cork out :face_with_raised_eyebrow:!

I’ve looked with the tray but no green or root showing :thinking:?

All I can do i give it another wk (retard if necessary) & see :roll_eyes:

give it 5 more days only and look every day if no movement. You could have a dud seed. Was it white or darker?
White ones usually dud. I have had a high dud rate with Canuk seeds personally, but others here have not.

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