Germination stage

Hi everyone, I’ve had 5 successful grows now. For some reason my last two have not been what it once was. Buds are small and sparse to say the least. Along with what looks like nutrient burn on leaves. This newest grow I’ve started the germination leaves are now browning. I don’t know why and can’t really explain it. I have put in a ticket and will hear back about any possible deficiencies with my Grobo.
Any help would be awesome!! Thanks!


Good luck. They might get back to you on a possible pH meter problem or an EC meter issue maybe. Only other thing that might be wrong would be an LED spectrum error possibly as well. Hope it works out!

5 successful grows is still something to be proud of :slight_smile:


have you ever cleaned and run maintenance on your probes?

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I give the machine a cleaning after each grow. What is typical for prob cleaning? I rinse via drain and fill after a clean. Other than that I have to admit… not much else. Coco pod. Seed, water changes. Lol


Requires gently scrubbing one wiimth a brush and the other with a special tool along with a rinse and then recalibration which may suggest additional cleanings

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Thanks. I’ve ordered the ph levels calibration pouches. The whole kit is sold out. I’ll see what comes back from support and give things a better gentle clean. Thanks for the help!

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Amazon sells that stuff cheap too


Bluelab Probe Care Kit pH & Conductivity

Worth every penny. I’m very impressed that you were able to get that many grows in without cleaning and calibrating!


New ph probe, Calibrated, and ready to go again! Thanks for the help :smile: