Germination has begun

Finally made the decision to germinate. So the germination process began tonite. I will check on it tomorrow in about 16 hours or so!

Really hoping she pops!


Are you germinating directly in the coco pod or germinating outside of the Grobo in the paper towel method or cup with water etc?

If right in the coco pod I wouldn’t worry too much of checking too often. I have been germinating all my seeds directly in the coco pod itself and I have had great success however I usually don’t see any signs until day 3-4. But I remember how ridiculously excited I was the first time I started the Grobo up.

Good luck and post some pics!


@Stephane I decided to germinate using the water/ paper towel process. Since I havent received other coco pods yet I didn’t want to sacrifice the only one I have. I figured if she pops then she is really ready to hit the Grobo!

It’s now been about 13 hours and the seed has fallen down to the bottom of the cup. Ive gone ahead and started the paper towel process. Gonna wait about 24 hours and move on…

Please any thoughts, ideas, advice feel free to share!!

Thank fellow growers!

Shout out to my wife @Arose


@CannabisJAC & @Arose, so excited for you and thanks for becoming a part of the allgrowers team!

I start my seeds in a cup of distilled water and usually over night it will pop or start to show a white speck, once I see that speck I plant it face down in the pod and start germination.
We all may have slightly diff methods but it doesn’t take long to find what works best for you!
Sounds like you have your method already and should be seeing proof of life real soon!