Germination "Eager Beaver"

Day 19 9/14 early veg pics
How am I looking everybody. Anything wrong i need to do anything??


Looking good @Thatguyb.y is your Bruce Banner an Auto or Photoperiod?

It’s a Photo but a FAST seed…

Got ya, in that case go ahead and study up on “Topping” as you’ll want to make the cut slightly above (about 1/4 inch) your 5th node. She will probably be ready within the next week. You can find all the info you need on how to properly “top” your plant here:


Top baby bruce off this morning how he look?? With his new haircut


Perfect, good work. :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Hey I looked at baby bruce today to see how he was and I noticed this any concerns??


Bruce is looking damn good! In late veg now?


@PfreshLXG here’s a update


Love that transition from racks/wire/now Grobo’s support racks. Think I missed the boat for Amazon racks on the grow I have in now (super silver haze photo), but will definitely be implementing them on the next one. :call_me_hand:

Let’s see a pic

Any questions I’m gonna top my plant again in a couple of days when it’s ready for a water change. Is there anything wrong in doing that plus I’m going to late veg it one more week to recover. I have read all about lollipopping but wondering do I really do that in transition phase or FLOWER phase. Keep in mind the real cut comes when I lollipop. In a couple days it’s just very light trimming

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I have seen champs recommend against topping more than once (I do not have a definitive answer as to why, but I believe it to be lack of space for the 4 main colas and the branches that come along with them). That said, I say do it and let’s see what happens! :cowboy_hat_face:

As far as lollipopping I am following the schedule in the link I posted above, round 1 transition day 1, round 2 flower day 8. From there I will only pinch leaves that are blocking bud sites cannot be tucked.


@SWSVIC I see I got little flying nets around what can I put inside to help that out so it dont affect my plant??

If I move my grobo to the basement they wont live done there I was thinking about doing it on the water change day once its empty… but didnt know if it will effect the plant…

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What is the temperature in your basement my man? Does it ever go below 60 degrees?

Nah never below 60

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How is your WiFi signal strength down in the basement?

It’s good not the best how I want but might get a wifi extender… either that or buy something just in case of bugs… reading a little do the neem oil work for cannibis plants?? Plus I’m extending the late veg a week so also heard not good to use in flower stage… not a expert or champion but trying to follow the rules

Are you experiencing issues with bugs currently, or is this a preventative measure?