Germination day 2

Blue light blinking is that just a indication that the light is off for its cycle inside cause it is lol. Also my box attracts nats any ideas. And my lock doesn’t work at all it clicks like it is working but doesn’t lock it. Any help along this journey will be helpful. With the light thing I guess I’m asking for germination does the light stay on 24/7 or is in an on and off cycle


^ Here’s what all the lights mean.

For your lock, you might have to bend the bracket on the door itself upwards slightly to get it to lock properly; this has happened to a few people here. I actually did it myself when I got my Grobo cuz my door wasn’t locking properly either as far as I remember. Just some slight pressure upwards to make it fit better when the locking mechanism drops down. Start with a small bend and check it until it HOPEFULLY works right.

The lights for germination should be set to an 18 ON and 6 OFF schedule, you can change this in the Grobo app settings under “Change Light Schedule” to pick your own if the default doesn’t suit you. You may have to try doing it on a desktop versus the phone or vice versa if it doesn’t work for you (This has happened to others in the past)

As far as the gnats; I’m on Day 39 and I have a problem with gnats too. Do you have houseplants nearby that might have a gnat infestation? I found my wife’s houseplant had one starting a few days ago and have been fighting it with Neem Oil and some sticky traps around it.

These were recommended to me from @miami5th but I’ve also heard you can get these or something similar at places like the Dollar Store or probably even WalMart or something.

I have been catching some gnats with them. They like a moist and damp environment.


Thank you very much for the response I’m am anxious to see something sprout up not it is day 6 and the only video I’ve really watched his sprouted on day seven I’m nervous that I am fucking it some how because it say to keep them moist but not to wet so I’ve been just barely saturating the soil with a spray bottle once a day and patiently waiting lol.


Just keep waiting brotha, also and might be a better option for you as it was for myself and others… next seed you germ try germinating it outside of grobo before (very carefully and gently) putting the seedling into the coco pod!! Sooo quick story…I got some seeds from a service with 96% germination rate gaurantee or they replace the seeds. My first seed I put into the coco pod didn’t germinate in 10+ days, I got really nervous and ended up scrapping the grow (emptying the unopened seed into a tiny pot of soil,) and started a new seed. This time I germinated the seed in a small shot glass of room temperature tap water… lo and behold to my amazement the seed popped in under 12 hours!!!

I put this in the coco pod and started grow and if you want to see my results my post is up here somewhere XD she is on day 60 now. Starting week 2 of flowering. Good luck my friend! I recommend wait at least 4-8 more days and be patient.

Edit: the first seed I put straight into the coco pod never opened… not even after week(s) in the tiny pot of soil, so take my word with a grain of salt. It may very well have been the 1 dud seed out of the batch. Welcome to the AG forum!


Oof I missed the part about the lock, when I got my grobo I had the same exact issue I was so sad, and then I was glad because I put in a support ticket and they helped me get it to work. Boy did I feel silly after though…

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Thanks my main plant popped finally in the coco pod and looks likes it’s doing good I have five soil small pots in there too same seed batch those haven’t popped at all I think I’m going take them out and start new ones in coco pods The lock I fix bent the clip up just a bit works now thanks I’ll keep up with updates .


Hell yeah! That’s what I’m talking about man. Can’t wait to see your babies :slight_smile:

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Well got five plants in there going now four soil ones and the main one is doing good the draining went stupid today filled it manually because it kept saying it needed to drain still then when I shut it all up it started draining on its own spraying water everywhere hopefully it didn’t mess anything up. Besides that just waiting and watching lol.

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I feel you on strange drain and fill happenings. My fill never fills the resovoir enough I always have to manually add water after. :man_shrugging:t3: