Germinating GSC

Hello everyone. The first grow is going to be GSC from Pacific Seeds. Using the shot-glass/paper towel technique. The first seed was put in the shot glass for 24+ hours. No sign of germination and transferred to the paper towel. After another 24+ hours, still no germination signs. Another seed was put in shot glass. After 24+ hours, no signs with this one either. Has anyone here dealt with Pacific Seeds and what has been the experience with their product? Has anyone ever sprouted this strain in similar methods and what has been their experience? Thanks.


Good morning

My latest grow is Northern Lights from Pacific seeds. I have germinated two, but one died in the grobo due to me messing up the PH sensor calibration. I used the shot glass/paper towel method they recommend on their website as well. Both seeds popped within 48 hours with a good tap root.

This is the second Pacific Seed on day 29: