Germinate in cocoa pod outside of Grobo

I’m a new grower. I started germinating my seed too early. Now my previous plant is drying in the Grobo, but my seed is ready to be planted in the cocoa pod. Can I put the seed into the cocoa pod and cover with a bit of the pod and let it sit in a couple centimeters of distilled water for a few days. Then put into the Grobo after I clean it?


How long have you been germinating outside the grobo?
What do you have your seed in now ( cup, paper towel etc.).
How long will it be before you clean your system?
Do you have a picture of the seed so we know how far along it is?
I ask because…
Not sure that’s a good idea because it will need oxygen from the air bubbles if you cover it up and stick it somewhere its possible it couId suffocate.

I once left my seeds in paper towel for 10 days on my table and just poured distilled water on top to soak the paper towel everyday, these seeds are now growing in my tent.
Hopefully other champions have dabbled with this topic and can add some advice.


I am on day four of germination using the paper towel method. I have about four days left, before I can start the seed in the Grobo.

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