Gen 2 Sale or Trade - PA

Hello Growers…!

Looking to trade up your Gen 1 for a Gen 2…?

We made a mistake and ordered a Gen 2 Grobo on Good Friday and frankly, we simply do not like any of the new design changes. None of the updates have any value too us. We simply want a another Gen - 1, doesn’t matter if it’s a Premium or a solid - straight trade. Ph and EC meters must be in working condition or will not be included in trade.

Trying to work with Grobo to let us return it for a refurbished Gen 1 unit but it looks like that won’t be an option as they will only take returns that are less than 30 days and in unopened boxes.

In person Trade only - no shipping.

Let’s make this happen!



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The build went fine. Started a grow and the new box just wasn’t for us. Far to different than the Gen 1 and what we are used to. We wanted a second box and thought this was the way to go.

IM us if interested!


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Christmas Special: $1000.00