Gelato recipe day 15

So I’m on day 15, I bought my seeds from ilgm & noticed it wasn’t in the recipe catalog on my app when planting in my coco pod. So, I just picked this plain Gelato recipe from Canuk seeds. The Gelato seed I got from ilgm. com is an auto I believe. Should I be worried? Or am I ok? Please leave some feedback thanks


@Erik_Curiel Congrats on your new seedling!

If your seed is an Auto seed and the recipe is not available, I would suggest using a Auto Generic Hybrid Recipe instead.

The current Gelato recipe you chose is for a Photoperiod Seed and not Autoflower.

You will want to use an auto recipe for that: (The Blue Circle with an A in it, indicates that its an Auto recipe)

You should be able to terminate your grow and start a new recipe and skip to early veg.
BTW great strain, I love Gelato!


Thank you for the help, I was able to terminate the current grow and change the recipe to the one you recommended. However, what I can not do is jumó to early veg. Day 16 for example, it is set on germinate

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That is fine since with these recopies, they are just a guideline to help you track how old your plant is. Adding a few extra days to your veg cycle should be more beneficial to your plant and allow it to get a bulkier before receiving more nutrients from the next stages.

Most growers will extend their veg until their plant reaches close to the 2nd fan before moving forward to transition.

You can shift your schedule by going through:

  1. maintenance
  2. shift schedule
  3. click extend until early veg is highlighted

This happened to me too, and I am like 8 days behind my actual growth but I found it not to be a big deal as I tend to extend my cycles to allow my plant to get bigger before flipping her to flower. This seems seems to be a limitation with the system as there isn’t a way to transfer data between grows. This could possibly something grobo support can help updating the backend data with? Worth checking out if you want to have your proper days alive displayed.

With the generic recipe, I would just let it start from the beginning of early veg again, but that’s entirely up to you. You can also skip forward in 8 days to late veg (I wouldn’t recommend it based on her current size)