GDP slow grow...... Should I extend EV?

Hi AG :wave:! I need some advice on how the plant looks and should I extend EV? Attached are pictures of my progress.

Overall: healthy roots, some yellow spots on the bottom of the fan leaves which I read it’ll be clipped later on… Should I be worried in terms of health?

Second: she has 3 nodes now and on day 29 overall with 19/21 days of early vegetation. I should extend, right? Any advice helps! :pray:

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Also needed to add that I extended it already.

Add in late vege.

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Meaning let it continue onto its next course, correct? There’s 2 more days of EV.

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Youll likely end up adding 1 to 4 weeks in lv.


Definitely extend. Check with support to see if your ph and your EC is good. Slightly slow growth for day 29

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Slow growth is of concern. Support told me to go ahead and go into Late Vegetation (stick to recipe). Said plant looks good.

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I would think that the increased nute levels would burn her up being that she is so small, but the grobo team knows their machine so let’s see what happens. :crossed_fingers::man_shrugging:t2: