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Filling up the Grobo for the weekly watering, was wondering if anyone has tips for growing big yields in the Unit. LST / SCROG, recharge, but any other tips? After seeing posts and reading I think my closet grow is going to happen soon. Has anyone cloned from Grobo?


Yea a lot have done clones numerous times I’ve also went from soil to Grobo

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Scrog you won’t need as the space is to small and grobo doesn’t give enough time for the buds to be heavy enough to break branches … best bet is lst and making sure enough light hits the bud sites


Agree ^

I’m also getting decent results supplementing with Big Buds from Advanced Nutrients.

The grobo yielded a good clone with decent roots but I paid $55 for this propaganda kit w/light and it has not produced any roots for my clones yet.

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Try the rest of the line and you’ll see even better results :joy::joy::+1::v:

Definitely doing that in the grow room. Just waiting for the last couple to pop above the coco!