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@Mpower11 I’m making my list. I have a 12 plant drip manifold kit.
New tent and some phenotypes this round.
Do you biuld your roots in small to larg containers or start with a 15 gal pot?
I’m going with soil and 10% perlite like @Todd.grobo told me. My only confusion is if you plant small to larger containers until you get to the desired size. That’s my last question for awhile lol


@Merle_Carsten What I do is start in a solo cup drill a few drain holes in the bottom.

After about 10 days I will plant it into 1 gallon then 3 gallon then into its final pot. 5 gallon is the minimum I would grow but 7 to 10 is nice. Honestly depends on the space you have the bigger the pot the bigger the plant you can veg. Always be in your final pot before you enter flower.

I also want to say there is nothing wrong with starting in a solo cup and planting right into a 12 gallon pot or even bigger with organic’s. The only difference is it’s a bit harder to water correctly with a small plant in a big pot.

With organic going you never want your media super dry because that kills the soil if it’s to dry. But you also don’t want it super wet. Organic growing breaks the rules of wanting your pot super dry before watering again. Remember keep the soil alive and it will take care of the plant not you.

Also a nice practice is the water 2 rule. Water your plant until your see the smallest amount of water come out the pot. Remember with organic growing you really don’t want to leach.

Then wait 1 hour and water again. Stop the second you see 1 drop come out the pot. Watering with this will Ensure your soil is evenly watered with no dry spots in the soil. Dry spots kills soil.

Hope this helps if not let me know


Found it… Lost it for a minute TY

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Yes it does help… Thank You for all your help and know how. I can’t wait until I’m set up and growing. I’m going to go with a 5gal and not grow very big on my 1st grow. Then I’ll be able to understand without all the plants being huge and a job from hell to take care of it. Once I know and get my Grove on with this way of growing I’ll be doin my thing. Bigger plants and maybe I’ll be able to make my own strain like I planned… The only kind of sterile medium I can find is Peet’s moss and something else (bad memory) but it comes in a bail…
Everything else has pearl in it