Freakin out here

Totally forgot to decarb and tossed the dry herb in the Magical butter maker for 8 hours last night. Any hope for making gummies still? Or any way to dry it out and decarb and start process over? Any advice? Don’t wanna waste $200 of this amazing stuff ugh!!!

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Not gonna be as potent but I think you’ll be alright

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(Sorry This happened to you):



:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

I got the levo 2 this week I’ll let you know how that works this weekend as I use all my sweet leaves

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Anyone else having a hard time access the forums?

So easy! Your gonna love it! I had to have my mom drive me home when I cooked with cannabutter and forgot and left the house! Lol! No more edibles for me! It does take the pain away though!