Framed Flower Photos

Has anyone here ever taken some real close macro shots of their flowering cannabis grows in the Grobo/Tents and then got them printed on high quality photo paper and then framed them ?

I am planning on doing this with my plant once it gets close to harvest. I’m pretty sure the photographer in me will be able to get atleast one or two higher quality images that will be worthy of a frame. I will probably do some light photo editing to increase brightness, contrast, etc. to touch it up a bit.

I think it would be very cool to have a nice 12 x 12 (or whatever size) of each plant and the beauty behind the mature flowers… colors, shape, size, etc!

Anyone ever do this? I’m beyond excited to have a pic on my wall of one of my own plants. I’ve seen some really nice high quality photos with frame available online of various strains, but I think it holds more sentimental value if it’s my own.


Sounds dope


When I harvest soon I will try to get some photos too. I will post em here :slight_smile:


Nice! This is what I was talking about, actually before harvest such as:

Something like these! I bookmarked these ones as some of the cooler ones I saw in my opinion, but my own plant would be even better :slight_smile: