Fourth times the charm (bubblegum)

Hi all,

So this is my fourth grow, but the first time i’ve made it to flower (day 17 out of 52). I’m 161 days in total, but that’s largely because I got obsessive in flower and treated her like a banzai tree :slight_smile:

I have a few questions:

  1. I’m moving at the end of the month and she’ll be in day 24 of flower. The trip to the new place is about 30 minutes. I’m very concerned as I don’t want her to die or be impacted. Are there any best practices on how to do this?

  2. I’ve read a ton in these forums and over the internet and I’m unclear on how often when to trim during flower. I have pictures from last week and today (see below). I trimmed yesterday, not more than 30%, because I was nervous there wasn’t enough light getting through and some fan leaves were touching each other and creating water on the leaves.
    2a) Which fan leaves do i cut versus bend?
    2b) Should I lollipop higher in terms of node removal?
    2c) When is the time to remove most of the fan leaves so the light focuses on the bud sites?

  3. Just today I noticed the outer tips of the fan leaves getting reddish white. I just stopped using hydroguard for the first time as the weather has gotten colder. I’m wondering if that’s the reason or if this is an issue at all.


From last week:

From today:

Thanks everybody! This community forum is the best!

-dan k.


Hi dan.
Some concerns moving it.
In 24 days lets hope you can pull her out.
You can put the roots in a tuberware container with water and have someone hold them but immediately put an airstone inyo it upon getting to new place and then put back in the unit asap.
She will be unhappy and potentially go limp but will survive.
Empty the unit first of course and try to protect the plant.


Thanks Todd.

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Thanks for the links SG. Glad to know I won’t hurt her during the move.

I found this link when doing some other defoliation searches in the forum. It is concise and one of the more helpful tutorials I’ve seen yet:

growweedeasy dot com/nebulas-3-step-defoliation-tutorial-2020


Congrats on your move! Any trouble showing your home with your grobo running/did it create a lot of questions?

Reporting back. Not the easiest move. She ended up sitting in water overnight until I could get the aerator working. However, she has survived and things are running as normal. 20 more days in flower :slight_smile:


Congrats @dank! Moving is always a stressful and exciting time for everyone. I’m so happy for you that your plant survived, that’s totally awesome! And so close now, woohoo, you’ll be celebrating your new home with some new smoke in no time!!! :smiley: :smiley:

To be quite frank, I’m wondering if you had any trouble showing or selling your old place with a Grobo running in it. Did you own previously? :blush: :blush: Please forgive my boldness, but it’s a consideration when we move, know what I mean? :wink:

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The bounce back!

Hope she keeps on truckin’


Thanks @pyromancy !


No forgiveness necessary, this community is here to help :slight_smile: Also, my wife had the same concerns.

We’re renters so it wasn’t a big deal for us, but most people who came through before we left didn’t question it. It’s widely assumed to be a wine fridge.

That’s the same perspective our movers and landlords had as well. We also live in a place where our DA no longer prosecutes offenses for personal use.

Hope that helps!

-dan k.


Thanks @dank! Oooh, a wine fridge, hmm? :thinking: Very interesting!

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Alright! Day 52 of flower. This is supposed to be the end of flower for this recipe, but i extended it for one more week. I’ve read up on the trichomes, but this being my first harvest I’d love some advice on when to move to my 10 day flush. See the pics below.

It’s hard to get good pics through the jeweler’s loop. Looking forward to the advice.


-dan k.


Shes ready for sure. If shes not in flush yet go ahead.


Damn she’s looking great! Good work! ><

That’s a wonderous plant for sure.

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Thank you! I’m hoping the nugs thicken up over the next 10 days of flush…

Nugs only ripen in flush. Usually the get bigger stage is week 2 to 4 of flowering. Max light cobverage over this period is essential