Found 2 insects

So, my Wedding cake had bugs. I was able to squash the 2 I found. Help :sos:, what can I use?


Neem oil and yellow sticky traps.


Another recommendation that came from Grobo support when I had bugs was sprinkle a little diatomaceous earth on your cocopod. I battled bugs for a while. The best combo for me personally was the diatomaceous earth on the pod to kill the larvae and on top of my grobo I put out a jar trap that had vinegar and sugar in it which attracted all the adults. Neem oil spray did work for me too, but I had to spray pretty much everyday to keep them away. But it could also depend on your region and exact bug. You can’t go wrong either way.

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The best thing about Neem Oil is it kills just about everything that can harm your plant. It’s organic and will dissipate after a couple days, which is nice because that means you can use it right up until a couple days before harvest.