I have a Grobo for sale. Cheap. 1/2 price of paid. Too noisy for house & family. My mistake.
Used to attempt one grow.

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Where is it located?

Lodi, CA

So how much? Who’s covering shipping and is it still under warranty? I have one but my sister in Georgia might be interested. Which model is it?

I received it around the 20th of December last year. So warranty is nearly over. It’s one of the original units. I paid $1600 with shipping. Shipping to Georgia won’t be cheap. Kind of defeats the purpose for both of us. I’d like $800 @ minimum. I’ll check shipping rates and get back to you.


I hear you but thanks for checking!:+1:

How bad do you think shipping would be for Oregon?

I’ll check. Weight is the factor.

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Ups shipping calculator

Good Luck!

2x2x6 at 80lbs Chicago to Salem was about 142$ - I’m aware these are not exact dimensions or weights

To give ya an idea of cost