Forced Flower 🌺?

Question: has anybody ever or known of anybody that has forced flower from an outdoor plant back into indoor grow room 1212 cycle
reasoning: just sold property have to be out in two months a big plant is three weeks into flower looking real healthy wanted to put her back into grow room for a 1212 forced cycle she has been outside all her life yes she is potted…
plant Wedding Cake
3feet tall
3rd week flower
9-10 week plant
it’s july Here
thanks for your time


Don’t see why it would have a negative effect… people bring their plants indoor all the time. Sounds as if you have limited options. Good luck. I know my son had a similar situation with a move and he was fine…


Absolutely not a problem, as a matter of fact I did exactly the same yesterday as it’s been a bit chilly here and the humidity is through the roof. They are doing just fine indoors, nothing negative at all :+1::v:


Thank you sir
So did you drop them right into a 1212 cycle when you took them back inside to finish flowering

Yep, they are in the beginning stage of flowering and it was just to chilly and way to high in rh to keep em outside.