For Sale

I have a never used Grobo. It’s one of the original units with the original accessories.

I’m in Delaware, pickup only. $800

DM for details.


Why are you selling it ?

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I no longer need it. I was in the kickstarter, so between paying for it and getting it, several years pasted.

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I have the same vaccume I would take it off you’re hands but I’m in florida :joy::joy::joy::rofl:

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I’m in Delaware and interested, being one of the first models does it have 2 fans inside it?

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I’ll take a look when I get home. Are the fans located at the top or bottom ?

Just right inside in the back I appreciate it

This is still for sale. DM for details.

Is it still for sale. I’m in Virginia

yup. It’s been in my closet all this time.

yup, it’s still for sale. it’s been in my closet all this time.

Are you far from Virginia

Hello, definitely interested. You say it’s never been used correct? May I ask what part of Delaware so I can plan the trip? Happy to DM, just not sure exactly how haha.

I’m in Wilmington. Google Maps says this is ~250 miles from Virginia Beach

Let me know if this falls thru. I am 90 minutes away up towards NJ, maybe we can meet in the middle.

I need to figure out if it will fit in my little Kia Soul too.

sure, but I drive a Miata …

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