For sale $1,100

Selling unit for $1,100 it’s like brand new was only used once, I have full sets of nutrients, coco pod, seeds, I’ll throw in a free extra light, the pro growers kit, and any other useful thing I have for the grobo and to help you get set up for your grow, no shipping must be picked up, new Jersey area, please lmk ASAP


$400 cash money?

Dude wtf is wrong with you, you don’t have to buy anything extra I have it all and it all works, you don’t need new probes, I have the probes, I have nutrients, I have extra nutrients, I have seeds, pro growers kit, and the machine was only ran for a month stop wasting my time your trolling me on my other post and now this one pls stop

why u getting rid of it?

Cus I just don’t want it anymore I rather build a big tent set up when I can so I wanna get some cash back, I was gonna return it for cash but I just missed my return date so I’m trying to sell it, it’s like brand new dude, it has everything in working condition I have all the nutrients and extras I have seeds, I have everything that needed and then some all for $1,100 if your gonna keep trolling me I’m gonna report you dude cus your honestly being annoying if you think you can find one for 400 go ahead or if u wanna buy a refurbished one, go right ahead but for $1,100 you can literally have like a brand new machine with everything you need and then some also I rather just grow in soil not hydro

think about it 400 can get u into a nice tent grow. don’t you need those seeds and other nutritents for your other setup?

i can get a refurb unit for like 1400-1500 and that includes shipping! ur price is too high dude

Dude now I’m annoyed f off, I spent 2,500 on this machine I used it for only a month it’s like brand new and I’m selling it for half the price with extras, my price isn’t too high you just can’t afford and are trying to low ball me to get a huge steal, stop wasting my time, if this price is too high for you for what is basically like a brand new machine with everything you need and then some then good fucking luck getting one cheaper or getting a refurbished one and then you gotta go buy seeds nutrients, pro growers kit, maybe a water chiller and some thermostats that’s all gonna be about an extra 400 so your looking at like 1,800 good luck stop wasting my time and don’t respond either I’m done with you, your just playin games your not worth my time if you can get a refurbished one go do that why you keep bothering me, just for being annoying it’s now 1,150 if you want it

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Can’t help ya on buying it from ya but have you ever considered keepin it and slowly piecing together your grow space? That’s what i did and now i know I’ll have at least one awesome plant while i learn the ropes of getting my own routine set and mastered. Heck I’m even thinkin about getting a solid later on also


I think $1100 is a fair price. That is actually what I was going to offer if you were closer. Always expect low ball offers from a Glock owner :smile:

Cleaning Colt Delta Elite 1911

That’s beyond a fair price for that unit. I live in MA and if I were a little closer I would be hopping in the truck now.

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Dude extremely fair price but I made up my mind I’m going to keep mine an Incorporated with a tent :tent: I’m in pa right next door :door: would of definitely took it for that 11

Dude 1911s are the best especially colt

I’m all for you doing a full tent set up man more power to you and I appreciate it

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No doubt just stand by ur shit as long as u know what u have an how new it is don’t let no one :point_up:t4: try to low ball :basketball: u cause that’s a gd deal


if I had the money I’ll go get it my self but holidays around the corner money is strap at the moment but that is more than a fair price

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I’m not that far from you and that is a great price, that’s why I’ve been trying to convince my wife for several hours that I NEED another one, no luck yet solid or premium?

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It’s a solid one

I feel you man, I’m tight on cash to for gifts too

1k ?

I’ll do 1k