Food For Thought?🧠💨

Hey stoner family! Have have a question? I would like to know others opinions… I have a friend that grows great flower but for some reasons the terpenes and taste and not there like they should be… I feel like has alot to do with its curing process cause when I do cure it come out better but not sure? The bud looks amazing great quality good high just no terps really… any ideas how improve or its just curing it and waiting?



How does his cure and dry process differ from yours? I know that when drying, having good air flow can greatly improve on the aroma and definately curing plays a huge role.

The OG aroma didn’t become as prominent on my last grow until 2 weeks into curing.


I am with Vicc. The true smells and taste dont come out until its been cured for a few months. Yes it smells and tastes prior, but without the full cure process, its minimal imo