Follow up to failed first grow

Hello, all. So, after the seed of my first grow failed to sprout even though I had planted it with a 3/4-inch taproot, I proceeded with planting another seed of the same strain, GSC, also with a budding root but smaller than that on the first. Before doing this, I replaced the water in the reservoir with fresh, distilled. I looked in the pod and found the remnants of the previous seed. The root had shriveled up to a brownish, hair-like structure. But, the seed itself, looked intact and felt hard. Any guesses as to why this seed never sprouted given these observations?



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Was the coco-pod dry or (b. c. d.)?:




Hi. Coco pod was soaked and squeezed before planting rooting seed as per the instructions. It was moist to the touch but not overly wet.