Hello, I’m about 4 weeks into flowering stage. I’ve been checking trichomes. 2 things:

  1. Will my buds continue to grow and fatten when flushing?
  2. Should I switch to flushing mode when my trichomes are about 50/50. Some clear and some cloudy or orange?

Hi grower,
Yes to your first question. Your buds will continue to grow and thicken during flush and your second question is more of a personal choice and what you are looking for in your bud. 50/50 amber cloudy ratio is a time to harvest for most. For me, I prefer to wait for around 60-65 percent ambers. I am looking for the anxiety reducing effects. Good luck!


Ok, thanks. So if I want 60/65 cloudy and Amber, and I plan to flush for about 3-5 days, should I start the flush when the trichomes are at about 50/50 so that during the flush they continue to change to more of 60/65%?


You may only need to flush 1 or 2 days. Just look at tricomes daily. Id harvest