Flushing the minerals out of the plant

Does the Grobo initiate the flush cycle automatically or how is this accomplished? I’m getting close to harvest probably within 2 weeks or so…
My first grow (auto blueberry) turned out to be male apparently i.e. no flowering by day 75…
I had a limited time before a vacation so I needed a fast growing strain…but this very quickly reached the top…
My current grow (Northern Lights) is looking great …I made the mistake of topping just before the flowering period started so Stephen added 2 weeks to my grow…so I’m on day 95 (40 days into flowering) I should have read Stephen’s excellent weekly instructions before starting the grow …
My plant was only about 8" tall so I thought topping any earlier would have been a bad idea but perhaps I’m wrong…approx when is the latest you should top a plant Day 30?

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In your app when it says you’re on day 1 of flush perform a drain and fill. This will not dispense any nutrients after filling and only adjust the pH for the water. To be sure you can send a support after the drain and fill to ensure the nutrients weren’t dispensed. (Grobo guys will check the EC level)

Any pics? :camera_flash:

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Missed that question. Don’t look at the last date possible as those can change for many reasons. Another way I would suggest do not do any more topping 10 days before switching to flower, that will give you about 5 days to recover and another 5 days for the two new colas to grow. :+1:


Thanks for the information… and so quick a response! Here are some pics


and some more pics of Northern Lights Day 95


and 1 more…