Flush time question

The pistils are 90% white or almost greenish. I’ve extended flower a week. The trichromes are mostly clear some are starting to cloud. I extended flower 1 week. My question is will the pistils darken and trichromes cloud and get Amber after I start the flush. How quick does that happen?


Its ideal to reach desired trichomes before you start flushing.
Sometimes a grower will rush into flush because of a problem with the plant, hardware, wifi or electric.
Your plant does continue to ripen in flush but its at a slower pace than in flower stage, so you want them to be mostly cloudy before flush stage.

How a plant ripens will depend on each individual grow.

Looking at your grow you may have to extend a month before you get less white hairs and your buds start to form and thicken!
Hope this helps! :eyes::seedling:


Wow! Okay I’ve got until the end of this month. I’ll talk to her and try to remind her we have a date. I’m beginning to understand my hubby’s frustration. I’m never on time.


If your still always right the time doesnt matter lol! :rofl: