Flush stage/ end of growth cycle advice

I’m at the end of the flowering cycle for my plant and I’m about to harvest next Saturday, I do my water changes on Tuesday night after 4pm (2 hours after plant wakes up for the day,) and I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice on the flush stage.

I have only one water change cycle left coming up this Tuesday, the last water change I did was during final week of flowering stage, when I decided to advance growth cycle 4 days because she’s ready.

That would mean only one water change period during flush… My question though is should I do an extra water change, or take any other extra steps before harvest to flush her…or is one water change during flush stage going to be enough for the desired result of flushing? (Getting rid of excess nutrients and making the plant smell taste and smoke better.)

Thanks in advance…


The nutrients are dosed according to stage, after a successful drain & fill.

I usually do a water change as soon as entering flush (unless I forget to).

That way the water is free of nutrients for the entirety of the flush period.


Thanks Veg! I’ll do one tonight then and extend for a couple of days… puts my harvest closer to my day off anyway :slight_smile: