Flowering stage?

A newbie here. Is this the flowering stage I see pistols. If so I need to switch schedule to Flowering , Iam thinking.


What’s your current day and stage?

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Ha. Thought someone would ask. Day 90. Have no idea why it has taken this long. It is GDP
Had had root rot, have been changing water more often. Using hydroguard PH around 7


Sounds like you might already be close to flower stage.

What’s your app say in this area:

Hopefully that says “Transition” or “Flowering” already. :slight_smile:

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Well. Grobo support had me push is back 3 weeks. Probably because of the root rot. So looks like it is catching up I think

It is in transition. Maybe I need to push up to flowering?

It’s up to you but I’d leave it be. How far into transition is it? It’ll probably be switching to flower stage on its own soon.

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day 10 in transition. So guess I will leave. Thank you for ur input.

Pat Gaskill


PH should not be at seven … that’s way to high for dwc … 5.5-6.5 I believe I don’t go over 6.1 but ph of seven is way too high


Thanks Chris, back now to using Distilled. Bought a Distiller.