Flower stage first grow day 16/50

Hello, I was looking for any advice or tips for my first grow. It’s a GSC hybrid thank you for your time

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I would just get you some magnetic hooks n pull your colas to the sides to help keep away from being to close to lights it will also open it up a little more👌


And remove all those thumbsize bud sites under the canopy. Some big leaves on her id be worried about but she looks healthy. Cant wait to see her fatten up


Are you able to tell if it’s a female from the pictures?


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Hi there. From here it looks female to me. If it were make it would develop these small pollen sacks at the tip of each branch. They become unmistakeable.

One of my first grows I had an un-feminized seed which started sprouting these (what I can only describe as pollen sacks) thought it was a hemephrodite. In actuality it was just hemp.

You would be seeing said hemp-y pollen sacks at around this time of your plants growth if at all.

Best of luck!


Update; I got rid of the thumb size bud sights and attempted to pullover the larger fan leaves with magnetics. I also decided to extend the flower stage. This is day 74 22 of flower :pensive::upside_down_face: still not seeing any signs of buds

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