Flower Day 17/53

This is my second growth. I have a question about some buds growing at the height of the second fan. I have circled a few in yellow. Would you remove them to improve the ones at the top or just let them be? I have removed all the growth at the base already.

Thank you


I wouldnt trim her anymore she might keep stretching


Great point. Thank you

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If your plant keeps stretching, one thing you might be able to do to combat it is to take the branches down by the bottom and carefully attach them to the side walls from the lower section of the plant. This would essentially lower the height of them by a bit.

Also, you could criss-cross the ones on the left and secure them to the right wall, and vice versa, making a bit of a twisted look like @vegetato recommended to me before:

Super cropping is also an option, or some light stress training.

If she stops stretching, then you should be good to go, but I would highly suggest having a back up plan just in case!


These are amazing suggestions thank you. Love the sketches :clap:


Here’s an example I was trying to find last night of the same principle in action: