FloraFlex'ing Zkittlez & Girl Scout Cookies

On Thursday I started a grow in my tent using two 8" FloraFlex pots. I’ve been working on getting the temp and humidity dialed in, which isn’t as fun as it sounds.

On the left Girl Scout Cookies Auto Extreme from ILGM, and on the right Zkittlez Auto from Barney. I chose auto’s for this grow because I figured they would be a little more durable able to survive any screw ups.

My grow tray order got cancelled so I had to improvise. I used the lid from a 18" x 12" Sterilite container, drilled some 1/4 inch holes in the middle area and have it draining into a 3 gallon bucked with a pump that, for now I set up to run on Mondays and Thursdays which sends it to a 5 gallon bucket that holds it for disposal.


I am excited for you! Your right about the level of fun figuring out how to dial everything in.
I almost hate that I waisted money ona grow tray and reservoir their not the best solution for the project.
Tray is not easy to get water out of, reservoir is wrong shape for several reasons like pump flow and cleaning.
Your idea is great did you use food grade containers?
Each plant will need their own bucket because leaving them on one doesn’t allow for grow space.


I am using a 5 gallon food grade bucket for the nutrients with a lid, 3 gallon bucket to catch the run off which is then pumped to a different 5 gallon bucket for disposal.

I’ll post some pics of my setup once I get it organized and stable. Right now it looks like a clusterf**ck and kind of difficult to understand, even for me. :joy: :rofl:

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The bucket on the left is the return from the 3 gallon bucket inside the tent. The right hand bucket is the nutrient bucket. I have a valve on the supply hose that re-directs the flow into the smaller bucket when I need to change out the water. Eventually I will replace the 5 gallon bucket that stores the returned nutrients from the tent with a different 5 gallon bucket, I had to drill a 3/4" hole about 1/4 of the way up so the return from the tent (pic is too dark and you cant see the return hose) wouldn’t be pumping uphill. I don’t trust grommets, so I will eventually replace it or try plugging the hole with Gorilla Glue.

Long term plan is to put a automatic sump pump in the 3 gallon bucket in the tent and have it pumped to the waste storage bucket. It’s a bit of a convoluted process, and I’m pretty much doing everything by trial and error, mostly error.

EDIT: There is a second valve on the hose that empties into the bucket just in case the main one fails.


Looks a lot easier to change the water than using the 20 gal flat reservoir.

I imagine that it is. However, my current system of pumping waste out of the tent and into the 5 gallon bucket is far from ideal, which is why my next purchase will be a sump pump and a new 5 gallon bucket.

This is the pump I’m planning on getting.



This is what I’m using.

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Not sure if this helps but

For my new project I bought this to collect then auto pump out of the tent… When I get it setup I will share a picture…

Note this pump is 12v so I had to get a power supply to power it


@Bplatinum9 I’m with you on the buying this 2 times part…lol Mind you just like you everything we got works just there is better way to do things… If only I knew before… :grinning:




Was just looking this up on the U.S. Amazon site and it doesn’t have great reviews. Apparently the pump has a high rate of failure. I do like the concept though!

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I hear you on that but maybe it’s just the model. I have rule (brand) pumps on my boat been working for 10 years but I think like this at the end of the day when your dealing with a pump you need to think when this pump fails not if.

I was just going to add a high limit switch with alarm for backup.

That’s a really good idea. I have been tossing around the idea of installing float valves similar to the ones in the Grobo as a a backup.

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Or there is room in the box to install a second pump if you want also

I also thought of the idea of sealing the box and letting it backup into the flood floor over the tent

Wish my bathroom was closer, I’d set up a box and have it pump directly to the shitter.


lol… Now your talking like me now!!


Was doing some research on mixing nutrients, and what order they should be done in and I came across this.

I was also doing some research on adjusting low/high EC and came across this.


This is awesome and appears accurate