Floraflex - barely find any threads about FF - any nute burn experiences?

I just started using FF w veg foilar , bloom foilar & full tilt . I’m currently in day 9/bloom and that bloom foilar is a beast . It has created more nodes and there is bud formation already . Being my first time running FF , I noticed that the preferred E.C is pretty high and I’m afraid I’ll burn my plants . My last feed was @ 1.5 E.C and I haven’t gone up on the dosage . I’m asking anyone that has experience with Floraflex and I’m wondering which chart are you using ? Have you came across nute burn or plant shock feeding higher E.C such as 1.6-2.2 ? I saw @chris_barfield is a FloraFlexer and it’d be awesome if you can help me stop overthinking lol and help me follow the chart correctly . Thank you


I don’t follow any charts by them … I use the charts for guidance as to what ratios but I don’t use their amounts … the folliars meh two runs with them and haven’t noticed anything … but just listen to your plants it doesn’t matter what ff charts say if they are starting to burn then back off and vice cersa I feed at .8 ec in flower I just feed multiple times a day … sometimes I still get burn


There’s a huge thread here about FF.


@Mpower11, @chris_barfield, and @Bplatinum9 have contributed a lot of very good info about their experiences.


I have to agree with Chris my plants looked a bit juiced up and I dropped my feed to 1.0 in Veg still

The highest feed I mixed this grow so far is 1.3 Ec. So far plants are loving it.


Thanks for the info brodie , yeah I agree with EC levels during veg . I didn’t go above 1.2 in veg , but I’m currently in flower. Day 10 , and I’m currently feeding at 1.6 and they’re loving it .

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I’m not sure what media your growing in / how your setup but you can always test your leach Ph and Ec. If you see your Ec getting up there you can drop it before you start to see tip burns.

I’m currently using DepthCharge(supersoil) famous in southeast Mi. Half of my 3gal pots are filled w depth charge and roots organic soil. I’m currently feeding 0.2-0.3 gals each a day each plant , roughly 700ml a day. I’m using this feeding tactic to keep metabolism fast and have them striving. I’m currently at 1.6 EC floraflex , power-si bloom . They’re stretching at an all-time high lol . They’re in flood tables and stretching through their 3rd trellis already !! Still have 11 days left of stretching :hushed:


Sounds like a nice setup :+1:

If you can hold 1.6 in your supersoil I can’t see you burning your tips but also note the dryer the soil the more your Ec is going to climb. That being said feeding the way you are increases your risk of burn because as your media get Dry the Ec will spike up.

I’m not saying what your doing is wrong just if you get any nute buildup in the soil and you get dry you could burn the roots / tips etc

Hope this helps answer your original question