Fix sensors

Hi. I recently moved my grobo, it was empty and all cleaned out. When I finished my last grow I forgot to recap the sensors. I have the caps still. The sensors do not seem to be working, they look dried out. Is there a way I can fix the sensors or do I need to order more sensors? If I need to order can you please provide a link? Thank you in advance for you assistance . Take care.


Hi @Kbquiet - Awh that sucks to hear that! The probes may have dried out but you can perform a health check on them if you have some supplies.

Do you have this?

If so, you can perform the health check using the app.

You may need a new pH probe and EC probe. The pH probe is for sale in the Grobo store on their website but I’m not sure about the EC probe. I believe they are both Blue Labs probes.

It’s probably best if you contact Support by submitting a ticket or emailing them.



  • (#TeamHasGotYouCovered): {:green_thumb:}:

  • (Your [EC Pen] Is Fine WithOut Being Wet): (You Can Try To Revive Your [PH Pen] By Soaking It In The [KCI Storage Solution] For An Hour): -Then- (Doing A Recalibration On It To See If You Can Save It):

  • (You May Have To Recalibrate It Twice To Acomplish The Calibration Satisfation):


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Thank you very much.


@miami5th @Kbquiet Ec probe doesn’t need to be stored in storage solution only PH

Your Ec probe should be fine

Ph will most likely need to be replaced if stored dry like miami said