First top 2.5

Hi all :wink:

Just done my first ever Top & Some advice would be appreciated please :thinking:!

Do I do some bottom trimming (Lollipop) or leave for now :thinking:??

Still early days i know but apart from a Tiny bit of Brown Spot on 1 Old Leaf I fink she lookin awesome for first ever :blush:

Nice 1 Grobo :wink:ā€¦

Iā€™m worn out :rofl:!:rofl:!

Just done a water change :wink: ill add 7ml Hydroguard tomorrow & do a little bottom trim :wink:

Max 20% got it :wink:!:rofl:!..


Looking good! :eyes::seedling: if your on your 4th or 5th node its a wonderful time to top.
Clean up 20% of your under carriage, any dead or touching the lid can go for sure!