First time indoor grow setup after outdoor harvest

Solid information thank you. I’ve been slowing wrapping my brain around everything you just described in LED tech and it makes sense to me how you are explaining it. I dont think I will be buying a light that hasn’t been tried and true. The Mars hydro sp250 looks pretty nice with 2 or 3 setup in my 5x5. I mean for only 259 a piece But is it a start to finish light or do you supplement the bloom phase or ONLY use in bloom? Side note I finished my irrigation system last night and it seems to function correctly so I’m down to filling my pots with coco, hanging my selected lights and adjusting timers. I have nutes coming from a friend who will have info on a feeding schedule. Thanks for all the great information I kind need to fill in all the bits and pieces I dont know.

Happy gardening :broccoli:

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The sp 250 is a seed to harvest light!! Worth every penny, by far the best leds I’ve used so far, and I’ve tried quite a few. I’m sticking with these for the foreseeable future. I put up a discount code in a thread on the forum. Look it up and use it, a little extra off never hurt anyone :joy::+1::v:


If you don’t choose the sp250 look at the migro series they are tried and true the owner puts them to test against all the top led out and if they are better they are and if not he shows you how the other company’s light is better… I run fluence bioengineering spydrs which are a beast of a light they also have different series of lights they make something similar to the sp250 called VYPR and VYPRx I believe I could have the names mixed up on that particular light… my spydr run at 2.5 and 2.6 efficiency…

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I use fox farms ocean forest soil. The complete line of advanced nutrients ph perfect line. One sp 250light in a 4x4 tent over two plants. Soon to be two sp 250 over three plants (my legal limit), I also use beneficial bacteria and fungus. Use ro water from my 5 stage countertop ro system. A large oscillating fan and a small fan for good airflow, the cloud line inline fan, phresh carbon filter, large dehumidifier programmable (pretty constant during flower) small humidifier programmable (pretty constant during veg), a small heater with programmable thermostat (mostly in the beginning of veg) and that’s about it really.


@Osage Would that 4x4 tent hold 4 dwc two sp250’s and maybe a cob in the center, no less than 2 fans, dehumidifer, carbon filter, chiller and pump? Basically the whole setup w/ 4 plants?

I’m legal to grow 6 and have a long term girlfriend whom also is eligible for 6 as well. I’m considering expanding in the spring so I have about 6 months to have my research complete.

Thanks in advance

Or am I best served going bigger. Take a look
Not crazy about the lights

My next setup fund has started


Yep, I’d just go with the two lights and no cob. If you have a main res, I’d put that at the back outside of tent along with chiller. You’ll have enough room for the rest. Alternatively you can go with. 5x5 for that little extra space. I put my humidifier in the tent when I’m running it. And dehumidifier outside always. Small heater is also outside when I need that too.

Better yet, if you’re legally allowed to have more I’d set up a rotating system. Mother plant in grobo(just choose mother recipe), then a cloning chamber. Next I’d have a veg tent and the system discussed above. Doing this you will be able to harvest roughly every couple few weeks. That’s what I usually do but don’t have the room in the place I’m in at the moment


Smart man, thank you sir

I would def NOT go with that cheap shit from amazon either. Total waste of money as all the products are inferior on many levels. Stick with the sp 250 setup and you will thank yourself later when everyone else is getting sub par or ok results, and you’re getting professional results!!! :+1::v::joy:

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Yes after diving into lights I’ve decided to start off with 2 sp250s as the cost to quality seems extremely fair. I have a 5x5 and may add one more later or play with some other side light bars. I believe I’m getting a whole bunch of fox farm stuff and anything else needed for my rez. I’m allowed to grow up to six plants medically for personal use but I have to register my plants i guess lol. I may decide to only do 4 as 6 smart pots seem to fill up the base of my tent with just enough room for my humidifier, standing oscillating fan, and dehumidifier and tower heater. But you keep your dehumidifier outside?
Here’s my other 3 Querkle Berries. Sunlight and hose water


My qurkle is starting to pop real nice. I also emailed mars hydro about getting 2 lights and referring this forum and they promptly got back to me via email and phone call. 10 percent off with no tax or shipping came out to 499.96 for 2 sp 250s. Thank you osage for the direction



I am doing that did .did it work out 2 large or 2 medium ? would be more if she has smaller pots


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