First time hydro grow using Floraflex in need for sure help!

Hi First time hydro run here. I’ll try to be as details as possible I’m in need of disparate help. :pray:

Bucket - 4 x 20 liter single buckets
PPM - 320
PH - starts 5.8 - 6.2 before PH’ing down to 5.8 again
RH - 65-85
Lights - 600w quantum board at 30% 4ft from plants

My tap water comes out at 98PPM and I add cal mag till I reach 150PPM which is 0.3 EC then add the same amount of V1 and V2 to reach a PPM of between 300-350 which I landed on 320 so I was happy to just keep it there.

I Started with 15 liter of water the water lever ended up being to high and the rockwool was way to wet and roots weren’t reaching for water so I lowered it down to 12 liters and that help with growth of roots and over all plant.
I then dropped it down to 9 liter since was still at the bottom of the net pot and the roots had already reached that after 36 hr of dropping from 15 liter to 12 liter.

Everything seems to be going fine now but I still can figure out what I’m missing and why my plants are looking like this.

I’ve yet to use the floraflex flora veg yet since I’m worried that will make things worst or ever it’ll be to early.

All 4 of my plants have gone he exact same symptoms


Plant looks hungry… Have you feed it any nutes to date yet?


Yes I put them in the bucket with a ppm of 320. I a bit scared to go over board since this is my first time using floralfex.

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I don’t use PPM to much… I’m more a Ec person but 320 ppm I think is around 0.6 EC… That’s on the low side

I still say plant looks hungry get the Ec up to 1.3…

What are you using for PH meter? Have you calibrated it?

Also recharge at double strength will aid getting nutes released to the plant

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@Mpower11 I ended up jumping the gun and bumping the feed up to 750 which is 1.5EC. Was res change day but any who, you were absolutely correct about it being under feed :man_facepalming:
Kind of bashing myself for being over worried and overestimating things.

So got back from work saw the plant doubled in size with no ill effect and proceeded to to go I’ve them their first floral feed. Now looking healthier then they’ve ever been. Not say that I had a good start to say the least.

Looking back it all makes sense now. PH,PPM, and water temps are inline with what I was shooting for. RH swings down to 40% at some point in the day which I’m still trying to figure out when and why it’s drops.

I use a cheap no name ph meter which has served me well. Calibrated and check against my friends blue lab ph meter and is .01-.0-2 high at time.

My mindset was definitely not to over feed the plants after all the reading about feeding charts telling people to over feed and it really backed fired in the most ironic way :rofl:


For myself being on my second grow with RDWC, I’ve learned 50-75% of what the charts say is a pretty good spot to be in. I overfed my first grow and wasted a ton of nutes doing that. My first grow following the charts i was at like 2.3-2.5 EC!


I’m glad she bouncing back for you. I agree with you about feeding chart being to high but don’t over think growing. I’m a firm believer that less is more. Once I learned this skill all my problems went away (This is hard to do). The best feeding chart in the world is your eyes. Look at the plant it will tell you what it wants. Adjust your strength based on your plant not the writing on the bottle.

One last thing if your water temps are above 68 I would get a chiller or buy some hydroguard Asap

What are you using to control Enivironment?


@Mpower11 i don’t have anything for environment control at the moment currently saving up for one. This is only my fourth grow the previous 3 have been soil. First 2 we’re vegged indoor and flowered outdoors.

The room I’m growing in is a built in closet 5ft x 5.5ft that I’ve converted and installed a 9000 btu mini split for temps control and a 12 liter/25 pints per day dehumidifier.

I live in Thailand so humidity is high all year round and on my last run live found it extremely hard to keep my humidity between 40%-50% in the last few weeks on flower.

Honestly I wasn’t sure I would have done this many grows so I’ve been slowly collecting bits and bobs as I go about it.

Hydroguard has also been ordered and is on it way should arrive in a few days. At the moment I’m using 5ml of 6% h2o2 per 10 liter of water which is just a bit over 2 gallons. Leaves about 2 and a half inches of room between the net pot and water line.

Chiller is definitely something I was thinking about but didn’t want to fully invest since this is my first shot at DWC. Definitely something I’ll be getting for my next run if I can wrap my head around this run. Also would really like upgrade to a RDWC set up instead of single buckets I’m currently using.

@FireGuy oh wow that crazy, it’s only my fourth grow. First 2 we’re vegged indoor and flowered out doors. Done with super soil the brand was T-Rex super soil. Used their bloom booster which is a dry amendment also made compost teas and feed the plants that once a week and their floral spray which was kelp if I’m not mistaken for floral feeding. Also this is my second run using nutrients so I’m pretty new to all this as can be.

H202 is good to keep the roots white and root rot away but be aware H202 will kill all bad bacteria which is good… But it also kills all good bacteria that protect’s your roots against root rot which is bad.

Water chillers are not cheap I agree with you I would use Hydroguard until you confirm RDWC is the direction you want to continue before you purchase.


I’m sure you know this but just a FYI just in case…Best time to do this is 1 hour before lights turn on… Never floral feed with lights on you will burn the plants


@Mpower11 a have a feeling that if things goes well I’ll be upgrading to RDWC and investing in a water chiller. With the result after increasing my feed I’m sold of growing in water😁

Hydroguard should be here today so I’m extremely excited. I haven’t put any H2o2 in my res yet, really just waiting for the hydroguard.

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@Mpower11 yes sir, I get of work at 3 am and my lights goes out at 4 am so got back and was able to apply the floral feed 15 minutes before lights out. As far as scheduling goes Monday seems to be the perfect time for me to apply it. Get of work come home apply the feed and off to bed :rofl:

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@Mpower11 so just wanted to drop an update.
Ended up getting root rot and pruning the roots about 4 days ago. Massive noob mistake mixing H2o2 with Hydroguard :man_facepalming:
Second mistake, light leaks. Not enough clay pallets to fill the net pot holes and even when filled they were still to big so had gaps where light could get through. Ended up doing a quick DIY cover out of Poster paper until this weekend where I’ll really have time to buy supplies and work on a permanent solution.
Biggest mistake was underestimating and not understanding who my lights functioned. It was 0%-100% on the dimmer it was 50%-100%. Now that I figured that out it explains the challenges I was having in my previous grows.

So all in all they have started picking back up and is in what I’m calling a recovery phase.

All started a grow journal, a something I’ve really come to think that I should’ve started from my very first day.


You can’t beat having a grow journal.

Sorry to hear good luck on the next grow

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Thank you very much for all the help. I’m going to push through with this grow and learn as much as I can before jumping in and buying more expensive seeds. Got to get used to keeping my grow journal as well. Only on day 2 of my journal and I can already see a lot of things will get better just because of it. :pray::pray::pray:

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