First time grobo-er

Hi there everyone !

This is my first grow in a grobo ( and totally soilless)

Have seen good growth so far I’m at the end of the veg cycle day 13/14

Had completed 2 water changes so far.

Noticed some, leaf changes in what I thought was nutrient burn…so trimmed and allowed to grow out, most of the older sets of leaves have the discolouration still and the newer growth looks pretty good but some very early spotting.

So I was wondering if it was a nutrient deficiency compared to nut. Burn issue.

Is there anyway to access the pH and EC monitors in the grobo to verify this ?

Attached are some pics

Used R.O. water, Great White as an additive and nothing else.
Lights work well and bubbler working well.

All the roots are well established and nicely branching.

Any help is much appreciated.!

IMG_20200705_155815|281x500 !



Hey @Lendl

The only way to get info on you pH and/or EC is by submitting a support ticket via the app and having the team look into it for you (which I recommend you do). I take it you do not have handheld meters to check them since you’re asking, I would invest in a set of bluelabs pens they are around $150 and could help in saving an entire crop. Can you confirm that your pH up and/or down are being dispensed, is there any missing from the bottles?


Hey thanks for the quick reply,

Yep I had a look at the bottles n they seem to be dispensing since the levels are different now, only worry was that it may have been dispensing too quickly, but I think it may just be normal.

Will look into some external monitoring equiptment.

Got ya, go ahead and submit a ticket if you haven’t already. She looks like she could use some help.


Thanks a bunch.